CRW Newsletters, 2007

Download newsletters in PDF format by Art Ustby

. Month Size Description
December 2007 1.2 mb. Bill's Big Burl at the Nov. meeting; Meet Our Members--John Fuchsel
November 2007 900 kb. Pics from the October meeting at Pam Reilly's; program poll;
October 2007 1.8 mb. Meet our Members: Pam Reilly; Board member changes; Butternut in "Get to know our trees" from Shannon Storkel.
September 2007 1.3 mb. Pics from the Aug. meeting at Shorty's; Meet our Members: Lyle Solem; "Get to Know Our Trees" by Shannon Storkel and more.
August 2007 1 mb. The July meeting with Herm DeVries; Instant Gallery; "Let’s get to know our trees" from Shannon Storkel.
July 2007 1.4 mb. Reviewing Leo Goehring’s presentation on Craft Shows at the Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI.; "Meet our Members": Bob Patros; member comments on the 2007 Utah Symposium.
June 2007 1 mb. Looking back on Stuart Batty's demo, with member comments on his One-on-One session; s new recruit to the club: Andrew John Egan, 7lbs, 2.6oz, and 19" long (son of Rich and Sally Egan).
May 2007 1.4 mb. A look at Duane Hill's demo on using Inlace; report from Spain by Aaron Gesicki; member profile: the editor himself, Art Ustby
April 2007 1.9 mb. Reviewing the March meeting with Aaron Gesicki standing in for Ken Grunke on Winged Bowls. Member profile: Greg Haugen
March 2007 1.3 mb. Pics of the February meeting with Jim Cox on spindle turning, assisted by Ken Grunke. Member profile: Dennis Snider
February 2007 1 mb. Duane Hill's presentation: Use of Color To Enhance Woodturnings; and the club shows appreciation for Duane's 6 years of service as founding President.
January 2007 1.2 mb. Furniture turning with John Fisher, a review in pictures; the Skew Challenge results; and the 2006 Secret Santa Exchange. Member profile: John Fisher, club president