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West Salem's Coulee News article on our Tool Czar Jim Cox, featuring his custom furniture business.

The Emerald Ash Borer

Wisconsin's emerald ash borer Internet portal This EAB Resource is brought to you by the The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
More links on the EAB below under the Techniques and Information category.

Current national information on Emerald Ash Borer

Michigan Department of Agriculture: Emerald Ash Borer - Indentification, signs/symptoms, FAQs, Treatment/Control options, lots more.

PestTracker Invasive Insect: Emerald Ash Borer Up-to-date info on sightings of the EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and other states.

EAB, Wisconsin

Wisconsin's emerald ash borer Internet portal This EAB Resource is brought to you by the The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Emerald Ash Borer: UW-Madison, Department of Entomology

WDNR Forestry: Forest Health Protection - Emerald Ash Borer


Techniques and Information

New hollowing tool design: The Elbo Tool

They're back! Woodturner's Resource This site was made possible by a grant from the American Association of Woodturners and built by turners for turners. A very valuable resource, and the message forums are quite active.

Bollinger Ovalturning Lathe A new elliptical lathe prototype built by Dan Bollinger, based on a design for an epicyclic oval turning chuck designed by Prof. Johannes Volmer. The mechanism is inherently balanced and can operate at higher speeds than any other elliptical chuck.

Woodturning reference and information site A must-see for all woodturners, a fine site by Alan Green Weymouth, of Dorset, England.

Timber Buyers Network: Information on Forest Management for educating and informing the forest landowner. Including the Forestry Forum, and the Timber Toolbox, online tools for calculating board feet, log volume, and tree spacing. A great site submitted by Charlie Cadenhead.

Wood and Tree Identification

Exotic Wood Pictures: Exotic Wood displayed, described, and identified A non-commercial site focusing on color-correct pictures of exotic woods. Link submitted by Lee Goehring.

Forestry Images An amazing catalog of images with just about everything relating to trees and forestry, including pictures of bark, twigs, leaves of over 180 species. No pictures of the wood itself, but see below for that.

Hough's American Woods An extensive collection of 275 varieties of wood, each with an image showing endgrain, plainsawn, and radial sawn sections. Organized by region.

EEK! Dichotomous Tree Key From Wisconsin Dept. Of Natural Resources Environmental Education for Kids program. Intended for grades 4-8, actually a handy quick reference for identifying common MIdwest trees by leaf, twig, and berries.

Missouri Department of Conservation Identification keys for trees and shrubs of MIssouri. Helpful to anyone in the Midwest.

Wood Identification Procedures Fact sheet from the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory including instructions on sending a wood sample for identification.

Informative Sites by Woodturners

Woodturning Learn with Alan Lacer Alan has an abundance of useful info on his site, especially regarding the skew.

Rude Osolnik The Osolnik family is keeping Rude's memory alive on this site.
Also, be sure to check out Osolnik Machinery & Supplies, offering quality products, great prices, and outstanding service.

Rob Wallace's Woodturning Links-- A huge amount of links useful to members of the woodturning community.

Tom Plamann, architechural craftsman Tom, his site, and his work are truly amazing. If nothing else, check out his transformation of a Vega 1556 lathe enabling Tom to turn large architechural columns--but you won't want to stop there, we guarantee it. He's located in Wisconsin, near Lake Winnebago.

Darrell Feltmate's woodturning page "doing you a good turn today" --Darrell has many useful tips for beginning woodturners, including a page on preparing green wood for storage.

Richard Stapley: LaymarCrafts, Hampshire, UK A great site, with lots of tips, techniques, and a huge amount of links to other woodturners and woodturning sites.

The Woodturner's Workshop This site, by Brian Clifford, a woodturner who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others, includes a 14 chapter online instruction book for beginning woodturners. Something for everyone here, beginner and pro alike.

Bill Grumbine We formerly saw Bill as "A man out standing in his personal field", but now he does a lot of traveling for club demos and is in his own shop too much to be spending time standing in the middle of a field doing nothing!

Russ's Corner Collected essays on woodturning topics, by Russ Fairfield. Some very good guidelines on design of a woodturning, and an extensive collection of articles on woodfinishing.

Kevin's Woodturnings If you're into segmented turning, this is the site for you. Beautiful examples of his work, plus useful software, and plans for tools and jigs to aid in the process of segmented woodturning.
Also, check out the Yahoo club site for segmented turning.

Ron Kent is the fellow who publicized the dishwashing soap treatment for woodturnings. Check out the Techniques section for his essay on this stabilizing method.

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Stock Center Finder

Retail sites

The New Robust Lathe, Lathe Accessories and the Tilt Away Tailstock

Thompson Lathe Tools HANDCRAFTED LATHE TOOLS by Doug Thompson How-To DVDs Woodworking and woodturning DVDs for rent on a weekly basis, using Paypal. Includes Richard Raffan and Del Stubbs, plus several other technical subjects.

Woodturning Tools by John Lea Arizona, Texas, and Delaware Toothpicks plus the Lea Deep Hollowing System components and more.

PolyAll 2000 Repair rotten wood, fiberglass, any porous material in minutes. PolyAll turns into a hard durable plastic, sandable and paintable in minutes.

John Jordan Woodturning: Lathes and Tools (From someone who actually uses them)

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware A great selection of products for the woodworker and woodturner--you can order their FREE CATALOG HERE

The Cutting Edge Tools For Woodturning & Woodcarving, Hand Tools, Planes, Chisels, Sharpening Supplies, Sherline Mini-Machinist's Tools, Books, Videos & Accessories

Grizzly -- Product Selection and Online Ordering

Packard Woodworks, The Woodturner's Source for Woodturning Tools and Supplies.

Serious Lathe: Heavy Duty Gouge Prices

The Woodturners Catalog (Craft Supplies, USA)

Madsens Tools and supplies for the serious lumberjack. Everything you've wanted to know about chainsaw sharpening here.


Woodturns online magazine

Fine Woodworking magazine: for craftsmen, carpenters and furniture makers

More Woodturning: Dennis Daudelin is carrying on the publishing of this fine online periodical for Fred Holder, now 12 times a year.

Software for woodturners

Microlathe allows you to draw a profile and then see what it will look like as a turned 3D object viewed from any angle. The download link is thanks to Grant Marshall, a South African woodturner.

Anim8or 3D Modeling program is a useful, and FREE program for previsualizing turned objects. More versatile than Microlathe, here's a quick start tutorial posted by Ken Grunke on Woodturner's Resource forum for creating a lathed object.

WOODTurner PRO, home of the highly acclaimed software for creating segmented woodturnings. WOODTurner PRO is a design tool, a trigonometry wizard, a construction aid and best of all, just plain fun. A free trial version of the software is available.

Regional woodturning clubs and chapters

North East Wisconsin Woodturners (No website) meet mostly at the Boys and Girls Brigade in Neenah on the second Sat of the month, and occasionally at the shop of member Rob Nelson in Winchester. Contact: Greg Kulibert - kulibert at

Chicago Woodturners Club A very active organization, with approximately 150 members.

Des Moines Woodworkers Association, Inc. Serving Central Iowa Woodworkers of all ages and skill levels

Detroit Area Woodturners This chapter has some talented members, judging by their gallery. And check out their Resources page, containing useful links to instructions for making a venturi vacuum chuck attachment, and more.

Northeast Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild The Guild was formed in May, 1982 to further education and fellowship for area amateur and professional woodworkers, to advance the collective interest of woodworking, to promote good will, and to gain recognition through shows.

Zumbro Valley Woodturners, our sister AAW chapter in Minnesota.

National and global woodturning clubs and chapters

Glendale Woodturners Guild is an organization that provides, within the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area, a forum for those interested in woodturning. The Technical Tips section provides a wealth of information for turners--check out the PDF file by William Noble on building a vacuum chuck system.

Bulletin boards and forums related to woodturning

AAW Forum The new web-based forum for the American Association of Woodturners.

Woodcentral Message Board: Turning This is probably the most active discussion forum for turners in the web. The place to be! Wood Online-- Woodtworker's webbased forums, including one for woodturning. Check out the home page, A Woodworkers Resource for Woodworking Information

Forestry Forum Need help identifying a tree? Questions about chainsaws? If you have ANYTHING to do with trees, this is the place to be.

Links referring to or featuring Coulee Region Woodturners

WOOD ONLINE Woodworking newsletter, Dec. 15, 2001: A short article and photo featuring CRW's efforts in the Toys For Tots campaign.
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