Handouts by Club Demonstrators

February 2017: Tool Geometry And the Cutting Edge by Lyndal Anthony

January 2016: Needle and Thread Holder by Kris Clough

April 2014:The Fire Piston with Jack Fitzpatrick - 3 handouts:
Fire Piston handout.pdf A 3 page basic outline of the process.
JF pistons.pdf A 36-page, well-illustrated presentation by Jack on making fire pistons.
Also, a single-page Fire Piston diagram.

March 2014: Sphere demo with Duane Hill handout: Sphere Demo Handout.pdf

September 2013: Duane Hill on turning Christmas Tree Ornaments.

September Handouts (PDF and Word documents)

August 2013: Tips and Tricks by Wendell Ziegler

Wendell's Handout (PDF document)

April 2013: Dyeing and Coloring Wood with Duane Hill

Coloring Your Woodturnings (Word document)

November 2012: Making a Flute with Joe Hemmerich

Handout for printing:

Native American Flute.pdf

The image in the above pdf file is almost unreadable so here is the original image (click to see full size):

Flute Making Continued.pdf (Addendum)

Tuning the Flute (Additional handout distributed at the meeting)

April 2011: Duane Hill's handout for the April meeting:

Three Ways of Threading Wood - D Hill (PDF file)

March 2011: A Visit from Mike Hunter, Sat. 3/19/11

No pictures so far but here are his handouts for printing or viewing with Acrobat Reader or any pdf reader:

Christmas Ornaments Part One
Christmas Ornaments Part Two
Christmas Ornaments Part Two Additional

January 2011: Segmented Turning Demo By Phil Miller, at Aline Tools in LaCrosse (link to Gallery images).

Links to handouts that Phil prepared for the demo, PDF files for printing:

A Segmented Turning Project For Beginners 6 Sided Bowl By Dennis Daudelin
A Segmented Turning Project For Beginners Polka Dot Bowl By Dennis Daudelin
The Basic of Stave Segment Turning By Jim Rodgers

January 2010 meeting: Winter Tree Identification by Sarah Felicelli

Powerpoint Presentation | Word Document

How-to pages and files by CRW Members

NEW--Turning Bottlestoppers by Charlie Cadenhead (PDF file, 124 kb)

Christmas Ornaments with the Inside-out (Reverse Turning) method, tutorial by Ken Grunke (PDF file, 53 kb)

Charlie Cadenhead's tutorial on turning lidded boxes

Art Ustby's Longworth Chuck

Ken Grunke's chattertool

AAW Articles


Multiaxis Spindle Turning: Further Exploration

By Barbara Dill

American Woodturner, Dec. 2011

Offered with permission from the AAW & the American Woodturner.

By Members of the World-wide Woodworking Community

ALCOHOL SOAKING GREEN BOWL BLANKS IN A NUT SHELL by Dave Smith Posted on Woodcentral Forums, Nov. 2004

Turning Bocce Balls by Alan Lacer. Alan gives complete instructions on how to make wooden balls for the ancient game of bocce ball.

Saving Rotten Wood: A White Glue Solution to the Rescue A method used by Wally Dickerman on the Grey-Bruce Woodturners Guild website.

Woodturning DVDs available from smartflix.com:


Yo-Yo Turnings - One Piece Design
by Ed Davidson

Hand Thread Chasing - the Definitive Work
with Allan Batty

Making a Peppermill
with Ted Sokolowski