CRW Newsletters, 2003

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Month Size Description
December 3 mb
November 14 mb Aaron Gesicki with Tim McCaleb on segmented turning.
October 1 mb Terry Snowden demos top turning at Tom Mruz's place in La Crosse.
September 7 mb In August, Aaron Gesicki reviewed abrasives, grinding, and sharpening at Shorty Mueller's cabin near Alma.
August 2.7 mb Toolmaking, in Onalaska at the B & B Gautsch shop.
July 820 kb Hollowing tools, at the Falch shop.
June 3.6 mb Aaron continuing on natural edge bowls, with tips on the foot of the bowl.
May 1.3 mb Aaron Gesicki demos natural edge bowls, at Shorty Mueller's cabin near Alma.
April 5 mb Dave Dapkus turns an egg or two, at Denis Falch's shop in Winona, MN.
March 1.9 mb The February meeting featured an all-day demo by Ed Szakonyi, a well-known turner and instructor from Roselle, IL
February 1 mb In January, Bill Gautsch gave a fine presentation on tuning up your lathe. Held at the home of Bill and Brigitta Gautsch in Onalaska, WI.
January 1.3 mb At the December meeting, Duane Hill gave an excellent demonstration on turning captive rings, at Denis Falch's studio in Winona, MN.