CRW Newsletters, 2005

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. Month Size Description
December 2005 1.1 mb. November Meeting: A morning in Pam Reilly's shop, with Pam demonstrating her surface treatment techniques. Pictures, and more pictures of the "Meet the Artists" evening at the Pumphouse Regional Arts Center.
November 2005 1.3 mb. October Meeting: A weekend with Jamie Donaldson at the Bill and Brigitta studio in Onalaska, WI.
October 2005 1.4 mb. Sept. 17, at Shorty Mueller's hideaway cabin near Alma, WI. Subject: Shorts at Shorty's--we had several short subjects (approx 5 minutes) on a method, technique, etc. that members have used and found useful.
September 2005 1 mb. Ansel Heram showed the group the finest points of segmented turning, at Bill and Brigitta's shop in Onalaska in August.
August 2005 1 mb. At the Tom Mruz estate, behind Granddad's Bluff. This was our first ever club picnic. The Chestnut Challenge was judged, the Instant Gallery was reviewed, and everyone ate and drank their fill.
July 2005 6 pgs. A visit to the woods of Bob Allen near Black River Falls: a tree ID walk in the woods led by Lee Goehring, plus a buffing demo by Aaron Gesicki.
June 2005 1.5 mb Meeting at the Larry Severeid Tree Farm near Sparta, and judging for the 2z4 challenge.
May 2005 1.2 mb The regular April meeting was replaced by the two-day workshop with Alan Lacer, at Denis and Doug Falch's shop in Winona.
April 2005 830 kb Even worse weather than January's, but 20+ members showed up at the Falch shop to see Ken Grunke demo mul class="wht"ti-axis turning.
March 2005 1 mb A full house at the February meeting saw Duane Hill elaborate on sharpening, at the Falch shop in Winona.
February 2005 1.36 mb The January meeting was canceled due to inclement weather, but there's still news to look at!
January 2005 2.05 mb Looking back on the December meeting, a hands-on session with coring systems at the Falch shop in Winona.