CRW Newsletters, 2004

Download newsletters in PDF format by Aaron Gesicki

. Month Size Description
December 2004 1.7 mb. A review of the November meeting at the Gary Friemann shop in Spring Grove Mn, plus important news on end-of-the-year AAW and CRW matters.
November 2004 2.8 mb. A review in pictures and text of the October meeting, plus CRW members at the A-Line Tools Open House.
October 2004 3.9 mb. Pictures from the two-day Rosand demo, and the September meeting.
September 2004 2.7 mb. A review in pictures and text of the August meeting, and Charlie Cadenhead writes about a surprise chunk of wood he recieved.
August 2004 1.6 mb. Pictures of Tool Day, plus a HILARIOUS electricity tutorial by the Cranky Turner.
July 2004 2.4 mb. Looking back on the June meeting (Chucks and Chucking, at Winona), details of the next member challenge, and a review of the General Maxi-lathe by Ken Grunke.
June 2004 1.6 mb. Reviewing the mentoring session at the last meeting, and announcing the next meeting at the Falch shop in Winona--Chucks and Chucking.
May 2004 936 kb. Reporting on Carrol Sipes and his basket-bowls demo.
April 2004 240 kb. Reviewing the 2-day session with Dick Sing in March.
March 2004 104 kb. Upcoming Dick Sing demo, and other announcements.
February 2004 240 kb. Bad weather limited attendance at the January meeting, but there are still newsworthy items in this issue!
January 2004 1 mb. Highlights from the December meeting: Photographing Your Work with Bob Allen, at the Gautsch shop in Onalaska.