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Meeting Highlights, 2001: The Club's First Year

December 2001 Duane Hill demonstrated turning vessels with a glass smooth finish on the inside. No pictures were allowed, protecting the confidentiality of this secretive process. Details will have to be pried out of members who attended, but good luck, since they are sworn to secrecy.

November 2001 Aaron Gesicki does Segmented Turning, plus a collection of the Toys for Tots production.

October 2001 Toys for Tots meeting, in La Crosse. Demonstrations of some ideas for turned toys.

September 2001 Bowl turning demo by Duane Hill, on his new custom "MyWay" lathe.

August 2001 A natural-edge goblet demo by Ken Grunke

July 2001 Toolmaking at the shop of Jim Cox

June 2001 Wood Management, at Bill Gautsch's shop