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December Meeting: Coring systems--Mc Naughton, Oneway & Woodcut coring system demo. Meeting held at the Denis & Doug Falch Studio in Winona, Mn.

November Meeting: Sat. Nov. 20, 2004--Duane Hill showed the group how to fix unforeseen developments in turnings, (cracking, etc) and turning mistakes (turning through a bowl bottom, etc).
At Gary Friemann's shop in Spring Grove, MN.

At the October Meeting, Dave Dapkus demoed different ways to texture the surfaces of our turnings. Held at the Ed Holz Studio in Sparta, WI.

September Meeting: Aaron Gesicki showed us how to make pens at the Sipes Studio in Sparta, Wi.

August 2004 Demo by member Ken Grunke; Member Challenge: Area 51 Fly-In; Annual Barbeque. Held at Shorty Mueller's cabin retreat near Alma, WI.

July 2004 Annual Toolmaking Day!

June 2004 Chucks and chucking, and Pam Reilly joins the group!

May 2004 The scheduled bandsaw mill operation didn't materialize because of bad weather, but it was a lively meeting anyway with the mentoring session, and instant gallery.

April 2004 Carrol Sipes shows the group how he combines woodturning with basketweaving at his shop near Sparta, WI.

March 2004 Two Days with Dick Sing: All-day demo/lecture followed by a hands-on workshop.

February 2004 Dave Dapkus comes back with the Egg Theme, with a new twist: Carving and other decorating methods

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